Official Co-artist
Zhang Huo

Known as ‘the Great Enlightenment’(大觉者), a youth composer Famous Chinise music producer
The pioneer popularizer of the computer music technology in China Audio technology expert and product reviewer
General moderator of the MIDIFAN
Director of Shandong Musicians Association

As The Great Enlightenment, Zhang Huo is well known in the Chinese computer music field, who’s under the tutelage of the famous composer Peng Xiuwen and Wang Ming. Zhang Huo has published lots of tutorials, technical articles and software and hardware evaluation articles on the authoritative professional magazines, websites and forums.
He tests a lot of new audio and instrument products‘ first review in China, published and released professional technical articles and tutorials on computer music. The writing is humorous and easy to understand, explaining the profound things in a simple way. Many music producers and arrangers began learning with his tutorials.
Masterpiece Books

Computer Music Production- Encyclopedia
of Soft Sound Source

Computer Music Production- Encyclopedia
of Soft Sound Source

Essential Reference of MIDIFAN Computer
Music Technology