Official Co-artist
Lu Xiao Xu

Famous game music producer
Founder and CEO of ‘XIAOXU Music’
Music Director of Beijing Xiaoxu Musical Culture Ltd.
Visiting Professor of Beijing Modern Conservatory of Music

With more than 10 years of experiences in the
industry, Xiaoxu has led the Xiaoxu Game Music
team creating music for thousands of games for
the different areas, including mainland China,
China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Japan and
south Korea. He’s one of the most experienced
domestic game music producers and also one
with the most products.

Ten years of game music

Creating lots of high-quality art works, Xiao Xu is well known and with high reputation in the game, animation and ACG music area.Masterpieces: Game music - Dota Legand, Call Me MT, Grand Master, Jade Dynasty 2, The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, QQ game - Peasants vs Landlord; Drama soundtrack –Zhuxian’s Ambitions; Animation music – Bad Man.

Literary Works/Books

Lu Xiao Xu is productive and has the good qualifications in the music technology fields, once participating in editing and publishing related books.

hey are used as the professional textbook for computer music learning in 2009 in many of the domestic music universities like Communication University of China and Beijing Modern Conservatory of Music.He has a personal column serialization called ‘Xiaoxu Computer Music Lessons’ on the magazines like Popular Song(《通俗歌曲》), Modern Musicians(《现代乐手》)and Instruments(《乐器》), laying a solid foundation in the field of music technology.