Official Co-artist
(Lou Nanli)

Famous electronic musician, composer, sound artist, and visual installation artist

First Decade

In 1999, B6 founded his own experimental music brand - Isolation Music, whose works cover a variety of styles such as experimental electronics, sound art, atmos music, and industrial noise. B6 recorded and published many of works in 2006. He also formed a new waves synthesizer pop group called IGO with the singer in the same year. In 2009, he earned the unanimous praise immediately among the European electronic music industry. In the same year, he was invited to have resident projects with different art institutions in north Europe like France, Germany and Switzerland, starting commuting between China and Europe.


From 2010 to 2017, B6 has be involved in the fields of multimedia installations, video art and conceptual art. His works are mainly devoted to the combination of multi-screen video and multi-channel surround sound. He has cooperated with many of the domestic and foreign art institutions and had exhibitions in many of the famous museums and galleries at home and abroad.

In 2014, B6 made the soundtrack for the legendary Shanghai silent film - Pansidong, which was forgotten for more than 80 years, and performed a live show at the closing ceremony of the Shanghai International Film Festival that year, arousing great attention among the film industry with his repeating performances for it at home and abroad. B6, together with the classical pianist, recreated and produced the classical music – Cube, with his own instruments. Cube was performed at the Shanghai Arts Festival, Shanghai West Bund Art Museum, Boiler Room and Shanghai Concert Hall, and won praise from the music industry and the media.

2018 till now

B6 was invited to participate in producing the soundtrack of the play – Bloom in 2018. In the same year, he was invited to music creation and performance by the Norwegian International Film Festival. And he composed for the soundtrack of the famous TV documentary – Human World after he came back home. The work won the Best Documentary Award in the following Magnolia Award Festival. In 2019, B6 composed for the movie – The Gathering at the South Station, directed by Diaoyinan. And this movie was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Cannes Film Festival in France and was released in China that year. B6 was invited by Tiffany & May 2019 to create and produce music in the big show -Vision & Virtuosity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, B6 composed for the Wuhan Anti-epidemic Documentary - First Level Response, which was recorded in Beijing in cooperation with the China Philharmonic Orchestra. He also produced the theme song of the documentary The Direction the Sawa Flows To, which is directed by the author Chendanyan. In September, B6 was invited to compose for the movie Salvatore Ferragamo: The Dream Shoemaker.This is the first time a Chinese composer cooperated with a world-class director. At the end of the year, B6 composed for several movies, including the Gentle Shell directed by Wangmu and the animated film Towards the Brightness. In 2021, B6 participated in the composition for several films, TV series and plays, including a long TV series of spy war named Wujian (directed by Daoqi), Xiaoyaoyou directed by Liangming, Flames on the Plain directed by Zhangji and the second season of the play Bloom.


Human World2



Flames on the Plain

Gentle Shell

The Direction the Sawa Flows To

The Changing Country – China

First Level Response

Towards the Brightness

The Gathering at the South Station

Human World1